The all-in-one platform for Recruiting Operations.

Maximize efficiency with one centralized workspace that combines a candidate portal, interview scheduling and surveys—so you can keep costs low, RC teams happy and candidates raving.

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The only unified platform that streamlines recruiting operations.

Guide combines your recruiting coordination and candidate experience stack into one centralized workflow so your team can get more done.

Candidate Portal

Reduce manual work and keep candidates engaged with a personalized home base during the interview process.

AI Scheduler

Radically improve interview coordination efficiency and speed with next-generation scheduling automation powered by AI.

Live Surveys

Measure and improve your candidate experience with feedback on every interview with  Guide's Response Escrow™️.

Candidate portal

Give your candidates a digital experience.

Save time and give candidates their own personalized interview portal with everything they need to feel successful.

Automate the delivery of interview schedules, interview prep materials, and interviewer bios.

Keep candidates up-to-date on their interview status without sending manual emails.

Showcase your unique company culture and employer brand.

Centralize communication so important updates, interviews, links or docs are never missed.

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AI Scheduler

Smarter, faster interview coordination.

Guide's AI-enhanced Scheduler finds better times and automates the tasks that overwhelm your RCs the most.

Dramatically reduce scheduling and coordination time.

Resolve even the trickiest calendar conflicts and reschedules.

Coordinate faster with a collaborative ticketing queue.

Showcase your company's brand with every touchpoint.

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LIVE Surveys

Candidate surveys that perform better.

Gather candid, unbiased candidate feedback after every interview with Guide's integrated candidate surveys.

Survey Response Escrow™️ makes candidates feel safe to provide honest, candid feedback on after every interview.

Analyze candidate feedback by department, job, interview stage and time period so you can take action to improve.

Measure satisfaction across the each step of the candidate journey without hiring decision bias.

Integrated within the candidate portal for industry-high survey completion rates.

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COllaborative INBOX

In one collaborative workspace purpose-built for RecOps.

Bring RCs and recruiters together into one centralized workspace for smoother hand-offs and faster collaboration.

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Designed to streamline recruiting for {everyone} involved.

Recruiting Coordinators

Save time, reduce manual work and eliminate errors with automation that levels you up.

Recruiting Operations

Streamline your team's operations to improve hiring speed and reduce costs.

Recruiting Leaders

Meet your hiring goals faster with a happier team and a more focused budget.


Blow your candidates away with a truly personalized candidate experience.


Spend less time coordinating interview times and see stronger pipeline of talent.


Know where you stand in the process and show up prepared for every interview.

Streamline recruiting operations, reduce costs and hire faster.


Decrease in time-to-schedule


Increase in RC bandwidth


More interviews scheduled

Integrate, consolidate, automate.

Guide keeps your data synced across your ATS, calendars, video interview tools and more so you can manage fewer tools.







Google Calendar

Office 365






The Efficiency Era: where RecOps stands to shine.

Less tools, less vendors, lower cost

Immediate need to reassess and refine the TA stack for efficiency as focus shifts to lowering costs, consolidating tools, and focusing budgets.

Leaner and more efficient teams

Widespread reduction in TA headcount demands innovative strategies that empower smaller groups to be agile and deliver impactful results.

Strategic use of AI & automation

The sharp pivot to maximizing efficiency with minimal headcount means leveraging technology in a strategic way to help teams achieve more with less.