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All-in-one hub for candidate experience.

Meet the next-gen platform for talent teams to unify their candidate experience, keep candidates engaged, and win better talent faster than ever.

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Your candidate’s home between interviews.

Keep candidates engaged with a personalized, branded interview guide.

A better way to email your candidates.

More engaging messages that save recruiters time and provide valuable analytics.

Measure and improve your candidate experience.

Collect feedback at every interview stage to help you improve hiring processes.

Real-time candidate engagement metrics.

Know which candidates are engaged and which are at risk for dropping off.

Transform your candidate experience without leaving your ATS.

Convert your top candidates into employees and meet your hiring goals with automated interview guides.

Modern talent teams use Guide

Win more candidates.

Guide unifies your candidate experience and delivers the right information at the right time, leading to less unwanted drop-offs and higher conversions at every stage of your recruiting funnel.


A home base for every candidate.

Automatically create a personalized, branded interview guide for every candidate.

Showcase your unique company culture and employer brand.

Automate delivery of interview schedules, interview prep materials, and interviewer bios.

Show candidates exactly where they are in the interview process.

Centralize communication in one place so no updates are lost in the noise.

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Supercharge your candidate communications.

Turn plain emails into branded, engaging messages that help you stand out to top talent, without leaving Greenhouse.

Include rich media like gifs and videos in your messages.

Send dynamic interview confirmations and request availability faster.

Create and use templates in one click.

Track candidate message engagement in real-time.

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Measure and improve candidate experience.

Gather candidate feedback at every interview stage with automated surveys that actually get filled out.

Start collecting feedback immediately - no setup or configuration needed.

Anonymity and feedback escrow ensure unbiased responses.

Filter survey responses or export for deeper analysis.

Measure candidate NPS throughout the hiring journey.

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Real-time candidate engagement metrics.

See which candidates are most engaged, and which are at risk for dropping-off. Explore activity trends so you can optimize interview processes to hit your goals.

Get real-time message engagement tracking - sent, viewed, replied, or bounced.

Quickly identify interview scheduling status.

Track candidate guide views over time.

Predict which candidates will accept your offer.

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Manage Guide from any tab.

Manage your candidate guides using the Guide Extension. No navigating between applications or disrupting your current workflows.

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Built with your
entire hiring team in mind.

Talent Leaders

Hit your hiring plan faster with scalable and differentiated recruiting workflows.

Talent Operations

Know where to focus your efforts with candidate engagement, feedback, and insights.

Talent Coordinators

Reduce errors and save time with automated candidate interview prep and messaging templates.


Keep the best candidates in your pipeline with dynamic, personalized content at every stage.

Hiring Managers

Hire top talent faster and align on expectations, compensation, and team culture upfront.


Save money and ensure your business efficiently hires the best talent.

Unify your candidate experience with Guide to save time and win more hires.


53% decrease in unwanted drop-off


17% less time spent on admin tasks


30+ recruiter minutes saved per candidate

Guide integrates seamlessly with your favorite tools.

Guide helps you streamline dozens of tools into one unified experience for both candidates and recruiters.









Google Calendar



Microsoft 365


Transform your candidate experience in minutes.

1. Link your ATS

Connect Guide to your ATS to automatically sync all open job reqs. All you need is an API key.

2. Add your branding

Upload your logo, customize the colors, and add company details like your values and mission.

3. Message your candidates

Candidates automatically receive access to their personalized candidate guide with every message.