Showcase your brand and differentiate your interview experience.

Make your company stand out and close more candidates with an unforgettable interview experience that's always on-brand.

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ā€œAt Gitlab, we've found most success with employer brand by infusing it into our interview process. This leaves a positive impression with candidates whether they're hired or not, driving up NPSĀ and referrals.ā€
Carli Chiodo, Senior Manager of Talent Brand at Gitlab

Deliver an on-brand experience at scale.

Showcase your unique company culture and employer brand to every candidate from the moment your interview process kicks off.

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Highlight your brand story and go beyond your careers page.

Relying on engineering and marketing teams for employer brand initiatives is a strategy of the past. Bring the control into the hands of the talent team with collaboration features for every stakeholder.

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Ensure brand consistency across every department, role and requisition.

Whether your recruiters are seasoned or in training, you can ensure your brand is represented consistently and accurately at every touchpoint.

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Elevate your brand with every candidate touchpoint.

Unify your team with branded email signatures that give your recruiters storytelling superpowers.

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Why talent teams love Guide for employer branding.

Improve time-to-hire

Experience the power of a true storytelling with unified collateral that helps you deliver the right brand content at the right time.

Reduce cost-per-hire

Improve conversion rates and reduce time-to-hire with a strong brand experience that drives engagement and referrals.

Increase offer accept rates

Closing starts at the first conversation. Leverage branded collateral to answer objections before they're raised.

Increase NPS

A better candidate experience means fewer negative reviews and happier candidates, regardless of the outcome.

Reduce drop-off

Make every candidate feel like a VIP by unlocking valuable information at every stage of the candidate journey.

Accelerate referrals

Drive candidate referrals by delivering a memorable experience that leaves a positive impression, hired or not.

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