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Diagnose and improve your interview process with confidence.

Radically improve your interview process with candidate feedback and reporting you can trust.

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“Before Guide, we relied on ATS surveys alone which left major blind spots. Now we know exactly why problems arise so we can take action to fix them.”
Stephanie Lehman, Head of Talent at Glossier

Collect rich feedback on every interview.

Unlock actionable data from real candidate feedback, so you can make informed decisions quickly and improve your interview process.

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Track interview RSVPs and interview decline reasons.

Reduce reschedules and last-minute declines by understanding the trends that cause them.

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Understand why your candidates are dropping-off.

Filter reporting down on specific interview stages to understand problems before they lead to drop-off.

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Why talent teams love Guide for candidate insights.

Report with confidence

Guide surveys convert at an average of 3 times that of email-based surveys so you can report on a larger sample size with data you trust.

Identify inefficiencies

Drill down based on time, department, role or stage to understand the gaps in your candidate journey and fix inefficiencies in your interview process.

Diagnose root-causes

Survey your candidates at each interview step to learn exactly what's causing your candidate satisfaction and NPS scores to drop.

Create accountability

Learn what, who, when and why your interview process is driving negative candidate sentiment, so you can create accountability and fix gaps.

Improve conversion rates

Identify the specific drop-off points throughout your candidate journey and their root causes to fix issues and plug the leaky holes in your hiring funnel.

Maximize productivity

Stop spending time on interview process design that doesn't provide results. Work on the root cause issues that will drive the most impactful results.

Candidate Insights FAQs

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