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Goodbye, manual coordination.

Guide empowers RCs and RecOps managers to streamline interview coordination, increase scheduling speed and elevate their candidate experience.

Reduce scheduling time

Guide’s AI automates repetitive tasks like availability requests, interview confirmations and last-minute reschedules radically increasing RC bandwidth and scheduling speed.

Increase RC bandwidth

Guide finds more interview times using AI-enhanced conflict resolution, enhanced interviewer preferences and time zone tracking, reducing reschedules and saving time.

Elevate candidate experience

Guide combines interview scheduling and communications into a personalized portal for each candidate – streamlining recruiting operations and making every candidate feel like a VIP.

"We want to deliver candidates a white glove experience, and the Guide team understands the real problems that interview coordinators face and designed a solution that significantly reduces manual lift, while bringing the love for the candidate experience."

Darla Downing – Head of Talent Operations, Netlify