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Measure, analyze, and improve your candidate experience.

Collect candidate feedback after every interview and translate it into actionable insights to improve your hiring processes.

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No configuration required.

There is no setup needed to start collecting candidate feedback in Guide. We take care of everything!

Higher response rates.

1 in 3 candidates complete the guide candidate survey, giving you more data-driven insights.

100% anonymous.

Get honest feedback from hired and rejected candidates with Guide’s unique approach to anonymity.

Surveys that actually get filled out.

One-click responses make it easier - and more likely - for candidates to provide feedback after every interview. Candidates can share as much as they want directly in their candidate guide.

Honest, unbiased candidate feedback.

Be confident you’re getting unbiased, honest feedback. Regardless of the hiring decision, candidates feel safe sharing since their responses are anonymous and won’t be shared until after a hiring decision has been made.

Guide Feedback Privacy Guarantee

Surveys are always 100% anonymous. No personally identifiable information is saved with responses, and each response is held in escrow and is made available only after a hiring decision is made.

Candidate NPS across the hiring journey.

Calculate your overall candidate NPS and monitor it over time to assess the impact of hiring process changes. Share results with leadership for visibility into your hiring process and candidate experience.

Actionable insights to improve hiring processes.

Easily identify what is working and where improvements are needed. For more granular insights, filter survey responses by timeframe, role, department, or interview stage with just a few clicks.

Guide has significantly improved our candidate experience. We've seen a 40% lift in NPS, 35 minutes of time savings per candidate, and less human error throughout our fast-paced hiring process.

Stephanie Burrus — Senior Manager, Business Recruiter, Glossier