Scheduling Automation

Your coordinators deserve better scheduling automation.

Harness the power of AI to reduce manual work, decrease time-to-schedule and make your RCs, recruiters and interviewers happier than ever.

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Dramatically reduce scheduling time

Guide’s AI automates repetitive tasks like availability requests, interview confirmations and last-minute reschedules radically increasing RC bandwidth and scheduling speed.

Resolve even the trickiest conflicts

Guide finds more interview times using AI-enhanced conflict resolution, enhanced interviewer preferences and time zone tracking, reducing reschedules and saving time.

Unify your candidate experience

Guide combines interview scheduling and communications into a personalized portal for each candidate – streamlining recruiting operations and making every candidate feel like a VIP.

Guide's AI Scheduler

Guide’s AI-enhanced scheduling automates repetitive tasks and increases your team’s bandwidth without new headcount.

  • AI-powered automation that reduces repetitive tasks and increases efficiency

  • Powerful conflict resolution and interviewer preferences that reduce reschedules

  • Purpose-built for multi-day panels, virtual and hybrid interviews

  • Unified scheduling, messaging and interview prep that streamlines coordination

  • Collaborative ticketing for faster scheduling and more seamless handoffs

  • ATS-native workflows in addition to a dedicated dashboard for end-user flexibility and efficiency.

​​Truly automated interview scheduling.

  • Automate the tasks that overwhelm your RCs the most like availability requests, confirmations and reschedules.
  • Seamlessly build single and multi-day panels with smarter availability and integrated calendar views.
  • Save time with one-click calendar invites, visual interview schedules and timely reminders.
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Smarter calendar management.

  • Keep interviewer calendars up-to-date to with AI-enhanced interviewer preferences and time zone detection.
  • Find times you didn’t know were free with AI-enhanced interview conflict resolution.
  • Reduce reschedules and last-minute declines with smart RSVP tracking and reminders.
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Better interviewer selection.

  • Leverage Guide’s AI to find the optimal interviewer based on their expertise, focus, and team alignment.
  • Keep your interviewers engaged with enhanced interviewer preferences and automated load balancing.
  • Pivot quickly when interviewers decline with smart interviewer swaps and auto-confirmations.
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More flexible interviewer training.

  • Expand your interviewer pool, avoid bottlenecks and build diverse panels in your hiring funnel.
  • Easily build pools of interviewers qualified for assess for different roles and skills.
  • Seamlessly schedule shadow and reverse-shadow trainings without manual work.
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Collaborative inbox and ticketing queue.

  • Resolve coordination tasks faster with a collaborative ticketing queue built for RC teams.
  • Ensure consistency and reduce errors with team-wide task visibility.
  • View and manage scheduling tasks without leaving your ATS, or use Guide's dedicated dashboard built for RCs.
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Beautiful, branded communications.

  • Send the right interview prep information at the perfect time with pre-set rules and triggers.
  • Deliver interview schedules, interviewer bios, availability requests and more with one click.
  • View real-time analytics on each candidate conversation so you know your message was received.
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Seamlessly integrated into a portal your candidates will rave about.

  • Experience the power of a truly streamlined workflow that integrates scheduling, messaging and interview prep into a personalized portal for every candidate.
  • Save time and give candidates access to interview schedules, interviewer bios and more without manual work.
  • Ensure candidates stay engaged and show up fully prepared to every interview.
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There was a pre-Guide MongoDB and a post-Guide MongoDB. Coordination and candidate experience was extremely painful before you guys came along.

Cristina Disch — Global Candidate Experience Manager, MongoDB