Candidate experience

Deliver a radically personal candidate experience (at scale).

Streamline your interview experience, reduce coordination work and make every candidate feel like a VIP.

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‚ÄúGuide has been fantastic for our candidate experience at MongoDB.¬†In my experience, there's nothing else like it. We hear it from candidates daily.‚ÄĚ
Cristina Disch, Global Candidate Experience Manager at MongoDB

Showcase your interview process and increase transparency.

Give candidates visibility into your interview process to save time and build trust. Show candidates where they stand to eliminate uncertainty and reduce drop-off.

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Personalize your interview journey for every candidate.

Deliver personalized interview prep, interviewer bios, documents, links and more to every candidate based on role and stage. Make every candidate feel valued and say goodbye to copy and paste.

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Automate the delivery of interview prep material.

Centralize, organize and deliver the right information to every candidate at the perfect time‚ÄĒautomatically.

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Deliver beautiful visual job offers that seal the deal.

Increase your offer accept rates with a delightful offer experience that informs and excited your candidates.

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Why talent teams love Guide for candidate experience.

Improve transparency

Show candidates where they stand and help them prepare for every interview without lifting a finger.

Increase engagement

Keep candidates engaged with stage-based content wrapped in an experience that makes you stand out.

Automate repetitive work

Flexible templates help you repeat what works and ensure every candidate interaction is consistent.

Prepare every candidate

Ensure candidates show up fully prepared with all the information they need at their fingertips.

Improve NPS

A better candidate experience means fewer negative reviews and happier candidates, regardless of the outcome.

Reduce drop-off

Make every candidate feel like a VIP by unlocking valuable information at every stage of the candidate journey.

Candidate Experience FAQs

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