A better way to message candidates, right from your ATS.

Increase engagement and elevate your employer brand with beautiful, centralized messaging with powerful analytics.

See it in action

Branded email signatures.

Magic signatures automatically link the recipient's candidate portal and give your talent team a unified, branded look.

Supercharged templates.

Bring your plain-text emails, hyperlinks and attachments to life with a visual email canvas that represents your brand.

Right in your ATS.

Use Guide right inside your ATS to supercharge candidate communications without changing your workflow.

Guide Messenger

Bring your candidate emails into a modern communications hub - a familiar, collaborative interface right inside of Greenhouse.

  • Never leave Greenhouse or learn a new workflow.

  • Create and send uniquely branded messages at every touchpoint.

  • Dynamic interview schedules that are always up to date.

  • Be confident your messages are delivered and know whether they have been read.

  • Make it easy for candidates to learn more and stay engaged.

  • Consolidate all candidate messages into one place.

One-click, visual confirmations.

No more copy and pasting interview details from multiple places. Send an interview confirmation that includes all details in one click. As things (inevitably) change your candidate will automatically be updated, without the need for more emails.

Pre-built branded templates.

Whether you’ve got no news or a whole lot to share, starting from a template saves time. Start from Greenhouse email templates or create your own to consistently highlight the best parts about working for your company.

Actionable real-time engagement insights.

Guide tracks every interaction a candidate has with your company, so you know exactly how engaged each candidate is. Empower recruiters to be proactive and ensure nothing falls through the cracks.

Built for team-wide visibility.

Guide Messenger was designed for team collaboration. Easily bring others into the conversation, send a message on behalf of the hiring manager, or simply notify team members for visibility.

Level up your employer brand.

Add your company personality to every email. Tell your unique story and stand out compared to other recruiting emails.

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Insert animated GIFs
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Share interviews
Request availability
Upload & attach files
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We were in pain before we found Guide. Our coordination team is more efficient, we schedule interviews faster than ever and candidates genuinely love the experience.

Cristina Disch — Global Candidate Experience Manager, MongoDB