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Guide powers recruiting teams to:

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  • Increase transparency and offer acceptance rates

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Guide empowers recruiters to showcase employer branding, enhance interview transparency, and optimize based on real candidate feedback.

Increase offer acceptance rates

Reduce the most costly and frustrating interview outcome: an offer decline. Guide customers see a significant increase in efficiently hiring top candidates.

Reduce cost-per-hire

Eliminate repetitive interview tasks and drive higher conversion rates at each interview stage, decreasing time and money spent on individual hires.

Improve employer branding

Deliver a personalized experience at scale. Increases NPS, drive more referrals, and make your candidate experience a competitive advantage.

"We want to deliver candidates a white glove experience, and the Guide team understands the real problems that interview coordinators face and designed a solution that reduces manual lift in logistics and auditing, while bringing the love for the candidate experience."

Darla Downing – Head of Talent Operations, Netlify