Glossier increases RC efficiency

Stephanie Lehman, Senior Manager, Corporate Recruiting at Glossier


35 minutes of time saved per candidate


40% lift in cNPS score


11x ROI in year 1

The Challenge

Kelsey Fernandez is the Recruiting & Onboarding Coordinator at Glossier, a digital-first skincare company with a cult following. Candidate experience is a primary focus for this start-up as the key to unlocking Glossier’s ability to scale successfully, with exceptional talent. “We’re really passionate about creating a welcoming and productive candidate experience from beginning to end” shares Kelsey, who handles all onsite and video interview logistics or Glossier candidates. “We want our candidates to feel as prepared as possible, and that means giving them a detailed look at their day in advance.”

With increased hiring pressures, however, comes increased scheduling and logistics demands and was making providing a good candidate experience more challenging for Kelsey and his colleagues. The process of manually preparing detailed schedules with multiple times, names, and titles while coordinating with multiple internal teams is inefficient and generates opportunities for costly

Valuable time that could be spent more productively on other important projects and initiatives was being completely absorbed by labor- intensive manual tasks.

The Solution

When Guide launched the first end-to-end candidate experience platform designed to help recruiting teams provide automated, personalized communications at each step in the candidate journey, Glossier jumped at the chance to try it saying, “there’s nothing else on the market like this.”

Guide shared a unique opportunity for forward-thinking recruiting teams to try it first. The invitation couldn’t have arrived at a more perfect time for Glossier.

“Our recruiting team had already been building guides manually and having great success with them, so we thought testing their this product would be a great way to provide a world-class candidate experience and improve our productivity,” added Kelsey.

When considering implementing this new technology, Glossier took into consideration the extra lift on their part to integrate Guide but shared that it’s been minimal and the Guide implementation team has been incredible.

The Results

Glossier immediately saw a significant decrease in the amount of time spent getting candidates the information they need to prepare for their interviews. Early estimates show recruiting coordination time has decreased by over 30%.

Glossier now has a higher degree of confidence in their communications. They believe that the quality of their communications is more timely, more personal and Guide has helped them to “essentially eliminate all room for error” in their interview process.

“Prior to using Guide, our process was time-intensive and manual, which can give a candidate a suboptimal interview experience and negatively impact the outcome. Guide connects everything together so the process is much faster and more personalized than we can ever deliver manually. Candidates obsess over them.”