MURAL wins candidates with transparency

Yvette Kamperin, VP of Talent at MURAL


93% candidate satisfaction rating


16% increase in offer acceptance rate


9% decrease in time-to-fill

The Context

MURAL defines and leads a new category of software, collaborative intelligence, and they’ve experienced rapid growth. But in light of the Great Resignation, even the most innovative companies are facing stiff competition when it comes to hiring. 

The Challenge

Mid-way through their fiscal year, MURAL’s talent team started to notice a trend where several candidates had multiple offers. They were hiring fast, and while few companies had as many openings, skyrocketing compensation and fewer in-market candidates made it a very competitive environment. 

“It started to slow down just because candidates had more opportunities, '' says MURAL’s VP of Talent, Yvette Kamperin. “We saw that companies were starting to feel more comfortable with remote work and started to hire more while compensation was also rising.” 

MURAL’s talent team recognized that they needed to accelerate their hiring process—reduce the apply-to-accept timeline—get their offer acceptance rates back on track, and gain valuable insights into the candidate experience to increase both candidate satisfaction rates and NPS survey response rates. .

“At the start of the year, our offer acceptance rates were at or above average when compared to industry benchmarks, but we saw a slight reduction within some departments along with longer time to hire metrics. What mattered more was the expense to interview. We wanted to get higher acceptance rates so that the ratio of hiring manager interview to hire was lower,” says Kamperin.

The Guide Experience

A MURAL Talent Coordinator learned about Guide at an industry conference and brought it to the team. They agreed that it would help MURAL stand out as a brand as well as better prepare candidates and give them more of a white glove service and great candidate experience.

Connecting the dots across the interview process

“Candidates had a lot of questions around how they should prepare for the interview: ‘Who am I meeting with? What should I expect from the whole process?’ and a lot of that information was being relayed through email. With Guide, we now have the opportunity to present this information to the candidate in a transparent and interactive format.” says Yadira Hernandez, Talent Partner at MURAL.

"When I found Guide, I thought it was really cool because it really walks the candidate through the entire process, but you can also include information about  MURAL to the candidate. Guide showcases how our culture and gives insight into our company and why they should be part of our team. It helps connect the dots from the internal processes to the candidate,” Hernandez continued.

Empowering coordinators, extending the brand

The MURAL team was excited to partner with Guide, and since they had 100 roles up and running, it would be a big project. To give themselves the opportunity to make some micro-adjustments to their processes and adapt their templates, they took a phased approach, which went quickly. 

“We started by piloting Guide and we were live in about a week,” says Hernandez. “Then we iterated and went with the rest of the departments. We were fully launched in about two months,” she continued.

The Talent Coordinators were excited to launch Guide first because it empowered them to take ownership of the employer brand and candidate communications templates.

As Talent Coordinator Lead, Jen Standen explains, “We’re totally committed to the candidate experience—it’s one of the main purposes of our outward facing work and Guide helped make that a lot better by streamlining communications and scheduling. In the long run, we knew it was really going to be impacting the candidate experience in a positive way.”

By integrating Guide with their ATS, the MURAL team eliminated an issue they’d had with candidates not getting company and product info, and then Guide also automatically let them know where candidates are in the interview process.

“So as a candidate is moving through the stages, it's really nice to know that we're giving them not just the Zoom link and the time of their interview, but a whole package of curated details that helps enrich that next stage that they're moving into,” says Standen.

A tailored approach that prepares candidates

“I was one of the candidates that made it through when Guide was in place,” says MURAL’s Employer Branding Manager, Naomi Dubissette. ”I felt more culturally ready for this team because of the hiring process, the information that was given to me up front, and the spirit of transparency.”

“Having seen both sides, I believe we do a good job at conveying our ethos. And I think that's attributed to the Guide platform, in the way that we're able to express it to candidates,” Dubissette continued.

As a global company, it’s important to MURAL to tailor their Guides to the local hiring processes, as well as to the specific role a candidate is applying for. And the team has been impressed with Guide’s personalization capabilities, all of which hold up in realtime across hemispheres.

MURAL is always looking for ways to improve the candidate experience, so they value the feedback that candidates provide through Guide and the insights they gain from the analytics. And MURAL is in a unique position to use its own product in conjunction with the candidate feedback they receive through Guide.

“We actually started a MURAL board where we're gathering candidate feedback from Guide surveys and emails where candidates shared what they like in Guide and their suggestions about content that they’d like to see, and we use that to keep iterating,” says Hernandez.

The Results

Prior to using Guide, MURAL was experiencing low response rates from candidate surveys, so it was difficult for them to accurately capture NPS and fine-tune their process to maximize the candidate experience.

“Before, candidate satisfaction surveys didn’t go out until after interviewing was done, so we had a low, low response rate—only happy folks who got offers or angry folks who didn’t were responding,” says Kamperin. “Now, we get feedback throughout the interview process.”

Kamperin says that their NPS is consistently in 93-96% range and that they get a lot of positive feedback, both about Guide, and how transparent MURAL’s hiring process is. 

And the team has implemented changes based on the feedback they’ve received via Guide, which have helped them improve their offer acceptance rates, and other KPIs. Overall, MURAL has seen a cascading positive effect from using Guide to differentiate their candidate experience.

“Now MURAL really stands out in the top-of-funnel hiring process, in terms of candidates remembering their interview, who they met, understanding our culture, and just by delivering more enriching and engaging content,” says Kamperin. 

“As a result, we have seen our offer acceptance rates increase by 16% and we’ve accelerated our time-to-fill by 9%, as well,” Kamperin confirmed.