Meet the Future of Candidate Communications: Guide Messenger

Get a sneak peek at Notion's winning end-to-end candidate communication strategy and explore the new Guide Messenger.

With talent teams facing a higher volume of candidates and fewer resources than ever before, effective candidate communication has become the most critical part of the recruiting process.

That’s why it is important for talent leaders and recruiting operations teams to develop a strong end-to-end candidate communications strategy.

In this event, Troy Sultan, ex-head of talent and CEO at Guide, and Kate Taylor, head of recruiting at Notion, discuss:

  • Notion's candidate communication strategy

  • The biggest challenges facing talent teams in 2023

  • How Guide Messenger supercharges candidate engagement

"Guide gives us a massive competitive advantage and allows Netlify to stand head and shoulders above companies who use plain email for candidate touchpoints."

Darla Downing – Head of Talent Operations, Netlify