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Your candidate’s home base.

Today, 95%+ of your candidate's journey is spent in between interviews. Keep them engaged and informed with a personalized, branded interview guide.

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Showcase your unique brand.

Showcase the uniqueness of your company’s brand, culture and values in every interaction.

Get started in minutes.

Get started with Guide in minutes by using pre-built templates or customizing one to meet your needs.

Personalized for every candidate.

Make every candidate feel like a VIP with dynamic and personalized templates.

Stand out to candidates.

Level up your employer brand by showcasing your unique company culture in an interactive way. A better candidate experience means less negative reviews and more happy candidates, regardless of the hiring decision.

Provide full transparency.

Give candidates visibility into your interview process. Show them exactly where they are in their journey and eliminate uncertainty and candidate ghosting.

Automate candidate prep.

Free up recruiting time by proactively sharing relevant details about every interview - prep materials, interview descriptions, interviewer bios, video links - automatically.

Centralize candidate messages.

Organize all candidate communications in one place, ensuring critical messages are not missed. Bring others into the conversation, or notify team members for visibility.

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A template for every use case.

Things like the interview plan, team norms, and benefits may differ between office locations or departments. Create reusable templates to provide a unique, but standardized, hiring experience at scale.

Guide gives us a massive competitive advantage and allows Netlify to stand head and shoulders above companies who use plain email for candidate touchpoints.

Darla Downing — Head of Talent Ops, Netlify