Today we’re excited to announce that the Resource business has been acquired by Gem, and the team behind it is launching a new product and company – Guide, a bold attempt to redefine candidate experience for organizations.

We launched Resource in 2016 with a belief that recruiters were underserved by technology. Software was indeed eating the world, yet recruiters were still cobbling together spreadsheets, snoozing emails and relying on memory to build relationships. Resource quickly grew to serve over 100 organizations across the world, facilitating thousands of hires and saving countless hours that freed recruiting teams to better leverage their time and enjoy their work. Today, we're excited to announce the next chapter for Resource and our team.

Why sell, and why Gem?

During our journey building sourcing software, my cofounder Austin and I became passionate about an adjacent problem we noticed: the relentless frustration of job seekers and lack of information empowering their decisions.

In 2019 we began a skunkworks project, now Guide, which drew more of our attention as it matured and ultimately led us to a tough truth: we were managing two products and couldn't give both the devotion users deserved. We had to pick one direction.

In late January of 2021 we connected with Steve Bartel, Gem's CEO, and realized our goals were strongly aligned. As Gem continued to execute with rigor and hit escape velocity, we both believed Gem would better serve Resource's customers over the long term given the similarity of our products. This would also enable our team to spin out Guide as a standalone company to give it our undivided passion & attention - something we felt it deserved.

This led to a partnership with Gem we couldn’t be more excited about - a rare win-win-win for Resource, Gem and our customers, giving them a new home committed to their continued hiring and growth.

Meet Guide, the next chapter for the Resource team

We’re thrilled to finally tell the world about Guide - the Candidate Experience Company, from the same team that brought you Resource. Guide is the first platform enabling talent teams to differentiate, streamline and measure the entire candidate lifecycle from sourcing to close.

Today, world-class organizations like One Medical, Gitlab, Reddit, Glossier and more are already using Guide to centralize and automate their interview collateral and see real-time insights on which candidates are engaged, all from a branded portal that candidates use as their home base during the hiring process.

You can learn more about Guide here. We're so excited for you to see it.

We’re grateful..

To the many Resource customers who helped us edge recruiting software forward: we extend a heartfelt thank you. Our journey was possible because of your generous feedback and commitment to best-in-class recruiting practices. At Resource we were fortunate to work with some of the most forward-thinking companies, agencies and talent teams and we're thrilled to continue serving those same teams with the launch of Guide.

To the entire recruiting community: we're grateful for your support.

And from all of us at Resource – now Guide(!) – thank you 💙