We’re thrilled to announce that Guide has been recognized by Greenhouse, the hiring software company, as a Customer-Preferred Partner. With this partnership, Guide joins an exclusive group of the most valuable partner integrations chosen by existing Greenhouse customers.

As part of this announcement, we’ve launched a unique new offering for Greenhouse customers, Guide Concierge. Now, Greenhouse customers can try Guide for free for 30 days with 1-on-1 implementation help from our in-house Candidate Experience Specialists.

Why Greenhouse customers voted for candidate experience

For both talent teams and candidates, the trend towards hiring with transparency and humanity isn’t slowing down with the broader financial markets.

“Guide’s recognition as a Greenhouse Customer-Preferred Partner validates the impact that Greenhouse customers are seeing from investing in candidate experience,” says Troy Sultan, Guide’s CEO.

“Greenhouse customers are the most progressive with new technology. We're seeing top organizations improving processes they couldn’t prioritize during the hiring frenzy. Now more than ever, every offer that you extend counts. And teams who choose not to invest in near-perfect offer acceptance rates are losing precious time and money.”

We’re grateful for the outspoken feedback from so many Greenhouse customers who drive Guide’s recognition as a Customer-Preferred Partner.

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We listened: reduced time and cost of improving your candidate experience

Over the past several months, we’ve spoken to hundreds of talent teams and leaders who want to invest in candidate experience. Because of limited bandwidth or ever-elusive buy-in from financial stakeholders, they can’t give promising technologies a shot.

We’ve listened to these challenges closely. With the launch of Guide Concierge, we’ve made it faster and easier to experience the benefits immediately - without time, cost, or risk.

Guide concierge

If you’re a Greenhouse customer, try Guide with your own candidates completely free for 30 days, with no obligations or contracts to get in the way.

Oh, and it gets better: as part of Guide Concierge, Greenhouse customers receive 1-on-1 implementation guidance from a Candidate Experience Specialist for a lightning-fast setup process. Specifically, your Candidate Experience Specialist at Guide will create your first fully branded Guide for you, using best practices learned serving 100,000+ candidates to date.

Did we mention it was free? Learn more here.

It’s now easy to make a data-driven business case

Typically, you either believe in candidate experience–deep in your gut–or you don't. Guide Concierge empowers talent teams to take the wheel and let the results speak for themselves.

Guide’s partnership with Greenhouse, now combined with a free trial and concierge assistance, enables talent teams to assess the impact of an improved candidate experience with minimal setup time and risk.

Today, Greenhouse customers like Netlify, Gitlab, Glossier, Reddit, MongoDB and more use Guide to drive significant business results. Guide’s candidate experience platform enables recruiting teams to infuse their employer brand at each step of the interview process, leading to world-class candidate engagement and offer acceptance rates - driving down cost and time to hire. By the end of your ride with Guide Concierge, you'll have your own dataset to assess the impact of candidate experience for your organization.

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Is an improved candidate experience the right investment for your team today? Guide Concierge helps answer that question.

Request a walkthrough and kickstart your Guide Concierge today.