Our team spent years building products for recruiters. In parallel, we also spent countless hours creating unique experiences for our own candidates by tailoring our interview process for each of them.

As you can imagine, this is painfully time consuming - but it’s our biggest recruiting secret weapon. Tailoring our interview experience for each candidate gave us a tremendous advantage over our competition and helps us repeatedly win talent from top brands.

Today we’re launching Guide to empower every hiring team to wow their candidates, virtually and in person.

With unemployment skyrocketing and millions of candidates flooding the job market, they need this now more than ever. And it’s not just for candidates - there’s a business case too.

Why your candidate experience matters.

The experience you give candidates becomes your brand. People remember how you treat them. They tell their friends, share their experiences online and in many cases, they remember their interactions with you for life. Now, as most interviews have shifted to virtual nearly overnight, delivering a memorable experience is even harder.

It's your brand, sure, and it's also more than that. Most poor hiring outcomes are a result of misaligned or incomplete expectations during the interview process itself, leading to under performance, lower engagement and worse retention from new hires. More informed candidates make better decisions which leads to better hiring outcomes: better performance, higher engagement and longer retention. In other words, better hires.

Guide helps you deliver a radically personal interview experience so you can win more of your best candidates.

Be warned: they're gonna love it.  

So how does Guide work?

  1. Create a free account here.
  2. Add your company values, look and feel.
Guide branding

2.   Create custom interview guides for any role.

Guide mockup

3.   Send a personal guide to candidates at any stage of your interview process.

Guide mockup

Each guide makes it easy for you to keep your candidates informed, engaged and cared for, even - and especially - in a fully virtual interview process.

Guides are personalized for each candidate and keeps them informed with the following info:

  1. Where they are in your interview process in real time.
  2. What they can expect at each stage of the process.
  3. How they can best prepare for upcoming stages.
  4. Who they might meet from your company.
  5. The mission, values and culture that makes your company unique.

As a candidate moves to the next stage of your interview process, new information is unlocked. Like magic 💫

Ready to wow your candidates?

If you're a Greenhouse customer, head to guide.co/concierge and sign up for our free trial!

P.S. We’ve just launched on ProductHunt! We’d 💙 your support (just think about all those happy candidates!).